3 Ways Professional Painters Deliver Excellent Results and Cut Costs

While you may be able to do a decent DIY painting job, you can expect better results from professional painters. Hiring experts can look forward to your job getting done right the first time around.

There is more to what these experts do beyond applying the paint itself. Here is a look at what painting contractors can do for you and the apparent benefits over a DIY approach.

1. Getting Better Deals on Supplies

Walk into a hardware store today, and you will buy paint, primer and other supplies required at retail price. You may be lucky enough to find the store running some offers, which should slightly reduce the cost.

Seasoned professional painters, on the other hand, have no doubt built a rapport with suppliers. Leveraging this network, the contractors can get great deals on paint and other supplies. This reduced material cost can trickle down to you as the client, and you will end up spending less on your painting project.

2. Pre-Painting Surface Preparation

Professional painters recognise that surface preparation is critical to how well paint adheres to a surface and how long the paint lasts. Preparing the surface before painting includes scraping away any loose or flaking paint, sanding the grime and grit off the surface, repairing minor cracks, and, of course, thoroughly cleaning the surface.

Some major repairs will make your surfaces not paint-ready. Painting contractors may not have the skills to handle such repairs, but your painters may be able to recommend repair experts who can do the job.

3. Covering and Clean-up

Before starting the job, professional painters will ensure that they cover furniture, appliances and anything else on which paint from drips or splatters may land. It will save you a lot of time trying to get the stains out of these items. Painting contractors usually have their own large tarps and covers, in addition to the sheets, drop cloths and other cover materials you may provide.

Accidents happen even with the most experienced painting contractors. Professional painters will always clean up after themselves, leaving your home the same way they found it, or better. You won't have to stress over post-painting clean-ups.

DIY or hire professionals? There are too many benefits to hiring professional painters, as outlined. Hire expert painting contractors who will take care of every aspect of the job, and all your part is to wait and enjoy the final results.