Painting Your Rental Property: Top Tips

If you have recently purchased a property and intend to rent it out to tenants, you may be considering painting the place before you put it on the market. Below is a simple guide which will help to ensure you get the best results when painting a rental property.

Consider the colour of paint

The first thing you should do is think carefully about the colour of paint you will use. While it can be tempting to stamp your own style on the property by choosing your favourite colours, it is typically best to paint a rental property in neutral tones. Doing so will create a blank canvas so your tenants can decorate and furnish the space in a way that suits their taste.

Check for damage

Before you crack out the tins of paint, you first need to check the walls for damage. Dry walls within a home can be easily damaged by furniture or objects when the previous owners were moving out. While it is possible to paint over scuff marks, more serious damage which has dented or holed the wall should be repaired using spackle putty. Once you have applied the putty, you should leave it to dry for a few hours before sanding it down so it is smooth. The wall will then be ready for painting.

Wipe down the walls

Before you start applying paint to the walls, you need to wipe them down to remove any dirt, dust or debris. If you apply fresh paint to a wall which is dirty or covered in dust, the end result is unlikely to look good. You can use warm water with a squirt of liquid detergent to remove dust and dirt from the walls.

Apply an undercoat

One common mistake people make when repainting walls is that they do not apply a neutral undercoat of paint. If you fail to do this, the previous paint may show through the new layer causing it to turn a strange colour. Applying an undercoat is especially important if you are painting a wall which is covered in bright or dark paint, such as yellow or blue. You can use a simple white paint to cover the old paint up. Once the white undercoat has completely dried, you can apply the new paint on top of it for a great result.

If you would like further information about painting your rental property, you should contact a team of professional painters today.