Choosing Exterior Paint Colour for Your Commercial Building

When thinking about painting your commercial building, the colour of the paint will always be something to consider. Your logo can play a role in your choice of colour but you will have to think more than that. It is important that you get it right the first time to avoid the extra costs of repainting. Therefore, here are some key things to remember when making your selection for exterior painting.

Consider Neutral/Light Colours

Bold colours may be a good idea for residential property, but for your commercial building, they can be the complete opposite. That's because colours have been found to have an impact on the moods of people. For this reason, you don't want something that is quite distracting like most bold colours can be.

Neutral or lighter colours are practical for commercial buildings for two major reasons. First, lighter or neutral colours will allow your signage to stick out, which is more significant than the building itself. That's because your signage should perform its function of marketing your business or brand. Extremely bold colours will overshadow your signage and make the building itself more noticeable, which means that the signage won't be as functional as it should be.

Light paint colours are also beneficial regarding functionality and maintenance. They are better at reflecting the sun's rays, which is significant when it comes to your heating and cooling costs. Also, concerning maintenance, lighter colours may have to be repainted less frequently than bold colours. That's because the effects of fading on light colours tend to be less noticeable than in bold colours.

Consider the Neighbourhood

Before you paint your commercial building, consider the neighbourhood. There may be a distinct colour tone for the commercial buildings in the area. While there's nothing wrong with going a different direction in terms of colours, you may want to find out why the buildings have a distinct colour tone. To do this, you need to conduct some research about the history of the neighbourhood. That's because you may have set up shop in a region of historical significance, which means your colour options could be limited to only those approved by the governing body of the area. This can mess up your plans and call for a repainting job. To avoid this, check with the local governing body first such as your local council and find out if you have to submit your painting plans for approval.