Existing varieties of epoxy floor coating techniques

Have you ever thought of the best floor coating technique to apply on your floor? In today's world, epoxy coatings and floors are becoming more and more popular when it comes to industrial and commercial flooring. Additionally,  epoxy floor coating is also cheap, thus making it pocket-friendly and will save you a lot of money when compared to other types of floor coating methods. Below are some examples of epoxy floor coating techniques that can be used on your floor.

Water-Based Coating

Water-based coating is considered more of a sealer and a primer because it is spread out to create a thin coat on the floor. However, because of its thin coat, it does not possess high resistance and durability attributes like the 100% solids coating technique. This is commonly found in most do-it-yourself kits because it is easy to use and more user-friendly when compared to 100% solids coating technique.

Since water-based coating can penetrate porous surfaces, this enables it to be used as a sealer and a primer for rough concrete surfaces. This results in a sleek and shiny finish on the concrete surfaces, while providing protective measures against chemical reactions, abrasions and stains.

100% Solids Coating

100% solids coating can be considered as the most durable coating type in the epoxy flooring system, and it is highly used and recommended by professional installers. Surprisingly, floors containing this type of coating are able to last many years, even if they are subjected to possible abrasions, chemical exposure and reactions, human traffic, and hot tire marks. Numerous professional installers prefer using hardeners that will allow this type of coating to dry out, which forms a solid form. This is the final appearance as the coating will have bonded with the floor material or concrete substrate.

Solvent-Based Coating

Solvent-based coating employs various solvents when applied as floor primer or sealer, similar to the water-based coating technique. The solvent contains a certain percentage of solids, which gives it a finishing thin layer.

This method is not often used because of the amount or types of the solvents being used: They are not necessarily compliant with the set volatile standards and regulations. This coating technique is therefore rarely used by most do-it-yourself users and professional installers when conducting epoxy floor coating system.

Epoxy Terrazzo Coating

This type of coating is considered one of the most decorative epoxy flooring techniques. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and clean as well. This flooring technique is used in most entrances and hallways of office buildings, commercial buildings and schools.

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