Painting Your Bedroom? 3 Foolproof Paint Colours to Create the Illusion of Space in Your Bedroom

Paint colour is a vital part of your bedroom, especially if it is small and you want to create an aura of open space. Smart paint colour choices will open up your bedroom to give it an airy feel without much effort. This guide is designed to help you choose some foolproof paint colours to create the illusion of space in your bedroom.

Yellow Shades

Shades of yellow infuse depth and space into any room, thanks to their light and sun-drenched appearance. The best part of choosing shades of yellow is the myriad of options you have at your disposal –– from brighter shades like lemon yellow and canary yellow to paler shades like creamy yellow and banana yellow. You can even choose between different yellow hues for different parts of your bedroom to give it added dimension and personality. You may even want to consider vertical or horizontal yellow stripes because they make a narrow room appear much larger and more elongated than it actually is.

White Shades

White may sound like a simple colour, but never underestimate its power when it comes to opening up space in your bedroom. The versatility of white makes it an ideal colour choice because it matches all types of room décors without conflicting with anything. White works perfectly in contemporary or traditionally decorated bedrooms, so you can introduce it without worry into your bedroom. The best part is that you also have choices when it comes to white –– from ivory and off-white to vanilla and eggshell. Match more than one shade of white together and you'll create an open look with plenty of character for your bedroom. Your painters will be able to provide you with white shade cards, so you can choose the shade that resonates best with your personal taste.

Pastel Shades

Pastel shades are subtle and understated, lightening your bedroom to create a sense of open space. Pastel shades typically enable you to choose from a myriad of colours like beige, lilac, peach, baby blue, cream and light pink. If you feel like these are too plain on their own, you can create decorative accents with darker shades within the same colour family. You can also mix and match between different pastel shades to bring drama to your bedroom, while creating a sense of open space.

Use these paint colour ideas to create the illusion of space into your bedroom.