3 Beneficial DIY Painting Tips

Although painting is a DIY task that almost any homeowner can do, few actually enjoy it. Painting takes a good deal of time, planning and execution. However, as a person does more DIY painting jobs, they build up experience and are able to use some tips to make the job more palatable. Here are some great tips to help you through your next DIY paint job.

Purchase Paint Lids Before You Start

Paint lids can be bought for most sizes of paint cans. The original paint lid is removed and discarded and the new paint lid is fitted over the top of the can. This clever device has a funnel (with a removable cap) at the top, through which paint can be cleanly and evenly poured into a tray. Underneath the funnel, the whole lid can be snapped open, ideal if you need to give the paint a mix. Buying and fitting these lids will stop you from having to pry open the lid every time with a screwdriver, saving potential mess. The lids also allow the paint to stay fresh longer.

Protect Your Paint Tray

The constant filling and refilling of the paint tray with paint inevitably ends up with paint dribbling over the edges of the tray. When you are painting, it can be easy to miss paint on the bottom of the tray. This can mark or stain the flooring. A great way to avoid this is to use regular kitchen foil to cover the paint tray before you actually pour any paint in. When you have finished painting, remove the foil and dispose of it. This will keep your paint tray pristine, meaning you won't have the hassle of washing out the paint tray after the job is done.

Properly Clean the Brushes

It can be off putting to start a painting job with messy paint brushes. Instead of buying new brushes for every job, consider this tip. For very messy brushes with dried in paint, put them in a small pan and pour in regular white vinegar until the bristles are submerged. Boil and simmer the vinegar and brush for a couple of minutes, then allow to fully cool.

When cool, you should be able to easily wash the paint off. When you have finished your next painting job, fill a bowl with some hot water and vinegar and allow the brushes to soak in the bowl for an hour. The next time you go to use the brushes, they will be soft bristled and clean.

With a little experience, the task of painting becomes easier. Contact local house painters for tips, tools, and assistance.