Why It Pays to Have Professionals Paint the Exterior of Your Home

Painting a wall inside your home may not be a very difficult or complicated job, but it's a mistake to think it's just that simple to paint the exterior of your home. There are many reasons to consider only using a professional for such work, and some of those reasons may surprise you. Note a few things to consider when it's time to have your home's exterior painted.

1. The surface needs to be prepped

To prep a home's exterior for painting, dents in aluminum siding may need to be pulled out or caulked over, and if you're having your home's chimney painted, chipped mortar and bricks may also need to be repaired and filled in. Without this prep work, your paint can just chip off in certain areas. Cleaning the exterior properly is also important, as overlooking any dirt or cobwebs or other debris can mean paint that bubbles or simply peels away in those areas.

2. Your health may be at risk due to lead-based paints

Lead-based paints are typically no longer in use today, but they were popular for painting home exteriors in past decades. If you were to scrape or even power wash lead paint, this can mean serious health consequences as the lead can be released into the air during these processes.

Professional painters will know when lead-based paints were used for certain homes as they are often given guidelines from the government, and will know how to protect themselves with masks and other appropriate accessories. They will also know to warn homeowners if they are at risk from having the paint scraped or washed so you and your family can be safe, even if you're not doing the painting.

3. Proper disposal of materials is needed after the job is done

Leftover paint as well as the materials used to clean brushes can be a hazard to yourself and the environment, and you cannot simply dump these materials down a drain as this is typically illegal in all areas. Professional painters will know where and how to recycle leftover paints and dispose of materials used to clean brushes, as well as those old brushes and tools themselves. This too will protect you and protect the environment from these toxins and hazards.

For these reasons, it's good to hire a professional painter like Chris Hoole & Staff when your home's exterior needs painting. They will know how to get the job done properly and safely as well.