How the Right Paint Job Can Actually Protect Your Home from Mould

Painting a home is usually done to add color and style to a room, but in some cases the right paint can actually protect your home and its building materials. This is because paint can add a protective barrier to your home when it comes to damaging elements that might affect it, such as excess moisture.

Note a few examples of when it's good to have your home painted in various areas so that it actually works to protect the home against mould damage, and not just to add color.

1. In the basement

A damp basement is more than uncomfortable; it can actually allow for mould growth in the home, as the building materials collect this excess moisture and mould starts to grow. Building materials can also become soft and begin to rot away when they absorb moisture that is collecting in the basement.

A waterproof paint that is meant for concrete can help protect your home from this added humidity. This type of paint is usually thicker than the paint you use for other rooms and surfaces of the home, and it adheres to the soft and smooth surface of concrete. When it dries, it can help to block the moisture that is coming into the home and keep your basement dry while also protecting the building elements.

2. Along outer walls of the home

If you notice that the outer walls of the home seem darker than the walls in the interior, this may be mould growth. It's good to have this checked by a professional to see how far it has spread, but a mould-resistant paint can also help to stop its growth. As with paint in the basement, this type of paint adds a layer of protection against moisture, but also protects your home against having mould spread if it's already present behind walls.

If you have mould showing on the inside of the walls, you want to stop it from spreading to your entire home and a mould-resistant paint can be the best solution.

3. In the bathtub

If your bathtub seems to have consistent mould growth, chances are you don't have a very good fan or other ventilation in the bathroom for removing moisture. A good solution to this is to cover your tiles with a paint that is meant specifically for bathtubs, and which goes right over the tile and caulk. This paint is mould-resistant and doesn't allow water to cling as easily, so you get less mould growth in the tub. This makes your bath look better and means less cleanup for you overall.

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